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Introduction of monopoly in Volyn region legitimating state control over the production of wines and spirits gave rise to establishment of Zhytomyr Liquor and Vodka Distillery Factory, one of the oldest companies in Ukraine. It took place in 1896, when in Volhynian Govemorate 16 state-owned wine warehouses were built for rectification and purification of alcohol received from Govemorate’s distilleries. These warehouses were created to provide people with wine and distillery products. Zhytomyr warehouse, formally opened on 01.07.1896, was the one that had the largest sales turnover.

история житомирского ЛВЗ
история житомирского ликеро-водочного завода


The State Enterprise “Zhytomyr liquor and vodka distillery factory’s” vodka and liqueurs are famous with pleasant taste and aroma, as well as an amazing softness and gentleness. This is the result of caring conservation of ancient recipes and creating new copyright prescription development and useing only natural ingredients and strict quality control at all stages of production. Zhytomyr liquor and vodka distillery factory” in their recipes usingall the wealth of the generous Ukrainian land. Fragrant honey, fruits and berriesherbsgrain alcohol “Lux” aremandatory components of our production. SOE “Zhytomyr liquor and vodka distillery factory” is a company with more than century-old tradition of quality. The factory was founded in July 1896. The main activities are the production of ethyl alcohol, vodka and HDL production, processing and fortification fermented juices, malt production, retail and wholesale. The company has implemented and uses an integrated food quality and safety management system that meets international standards ISO 9001:2015, ISO 22000:2018In the 2008-2010 production Zhytomyr distillery, won prizes at prestigious Ukrainian Competition “100 best goods of Ukraine “, and in 2011 special vodka “Zhytomyr Standard” was the winner of this contest.


  • Vodka
  • Tinctures
  • Liquors
  • Sets
  • Souvenirs
  • Ethyl alcohol
  • Malt

The State Enterprise ‘Zhytomyr Liquor and Vodka Distillery Factory’ independently carries out from March 30, 2020 the wholesales of ethyl alcohol on the basis of bilateral agreements.
Contact persons for the wholesale purchase of ethyl alcohol:
Artem Kravchenko – Deputy CEO for General Affairs – mob. phone: +380 (95) 114 77 77.
Anatoly Danylyuk – Head of the sales department of the Chudnovsky branch – mob. phone: +380 (67) 411 04 54

Fermented rye malt is a natural product, does not contain additives, grown and harvested in the fields of Ukraine;
It is made by sprouting rye grains, fermentation (languishing), drying and grinding;
The exceptional value of the germinated grain is that at the moment of germination, the processes inherent in the grain occur
for procreation, all the energy of the grain is accumulated, the content of vitamins of group B, PP increases several times,
as well as vitamin E, which is contained only in the germ of the grain. Thus, sprouted grains are a powerful stimulant
vital functions of the organism:

  • regulate and restore vital processes in the body at any age, increase immunity;
  • increase efficiency and improve sexual function;
  • restore visual acuity, coordination of movements, hair color and density, strengthen teeth;
  • is a prophylactic agent in the prevention of cancer;
  • a large amount of magnesium in sprouted grains helps to reduce blood pressure, eliminate cholesterol from the body, reduces the likelihood of heart attacks;
  • is an effective tool for reducing excess weight;
  • improve sleep, relieve the effects of stress;
  • contain much more vitamins and minerals than other foods, as well as an optimal combination of proteins and carbohydrates.

Due to its composition, rye malt promotes the development and growth of lean body mass, activates protein metabolism,
stimulates the digestive system, removes toxins and toxins, has a choleretic effect.
Rye malt is especially relevant in winter and spring, as it is a source of important biologically active substances,
useful and nutritious for the human body.
In the food industry, malt is used for making kvass (sourdough drink) and baking.


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      The purpose of the Company’s activity is to carry out production, commercial activities and receive profit (income).


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