Житомирський стандарт водка

Zhytomyr Standard

Grain alcohol «Lux», pleasant aroma of rye malt, unique taste and softness, as well as a complex carbohydrate blend “‘lar Jodis” is the newest development of Ukrainian scientists, which includes: lactulose, which is hepatoprotector and reduces the toxic effects of alcohol on the human body ; selenium – deficient trace element, a powerful antioxidant; biologically active iodine protects against the diseases of the thyroid gland. All this is a special vodka “Zhytomyr standard”

«Zhytomyr standard» in 2008 and 2009 at the International professional tasting competition “ALCO-SOFT” won the gold medal and became the winner of Ukrainian contest “100 best goods of Ukraine “in 2011.

Alcohol content 38 % about. Capacity:0,25L. 0,5L. 0,7L.